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Mr Jonas Hård

We sat down together with Mr Jonas Hård, the future principal of Nordic International School Nacka and spoke with him about his new role att Nordic.

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Meet Mr Jonas Hård, Principal at Nordic International School Nacka.

Mr Hård is an experienced school leader and has previously served as the principal for two other schools. He also held the title of Interim Director of Education. He is a certified maths and science teacher and has attended a training programme for principals. For Mr Hård, working within the world of education was an obvious choice.

“I actually come from the world of education originally. My mother has been a principal and my father an elementary school teacher. So for me, it felt natural to become a teacher,” says Mr Hård.

Now, as Mr. Hård helps start up Nordic International School Nacka, it is the second time he has been involved in starting a school.

“It’s so incredibly exciting to be a part of building an organization. I am excited to be with the students from their very first moments in a new school and help them build their confidence and a sense that a school can be a very safe place. It’s something I see as a fantastic opportunity,” says Mr Hård.

During the start-up of the new school, recruiting great teachers is very important. Teachers who are recruited to the school go through a thorough hiring process that focuses on finding candidates who are competent and skilled in the areas the are teaching.

“Being able to participate in the recruitment process and see the faces of the people who will work together with me in building up our school is something that I feel is very important” says Mr Hård.

The international perspective is very important at Nordic International School Nacka. Up to 50% of the teaching is in English and our teachers come from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures.

“A mix of teachers who come from Sweden and who come from other parts of the world creates the best learning conditions for our students. This gives us access to many different perspectives” says Mr Hård.

As part of the international profile, both teachers and students follow a dress code. The students wear a school uniform and are given a new set at the beginning of each school year.

“I believe that it is reassuring for the children to have the school uniform. They don’t have to think about what to wear and don’t have to worry about not having the ‘right’ clothes to wear to school. The uniform also strengthens the sense of unity between the students,” says Mr Hård.

Nordic International School Nacka has a clear concept where knowledge development as well as order and discipline are a major focus. The teaching is 100% evidence-based and based on methods that research shows have positive effects on students’ knowledge and skills.

“Using research as a starting point when teaching is a prerequisite for being able to create the best knowledge acquisition for our students,” says Mr Hård.

Three main features

Our concept

Based on rigorous research on what works to maximise students’ academic progress and achievement as well as their development of social-emotional skills – we have developed an educational model with three main features.

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