Parent Teacher Association


The Parent Teacher Association at Nordic International School Nacka welcomes all parents who are interested in making their child’s school experience positive, enriching, and fun!

Welcome to our Parent Teacher Association!

We strive to build a vibrant and inclusive school community where parents and teachers connect and collaborate beyond the classroom.

We share ideas, have open discussions, and explore ways to make our new school truly exceptional.

The PTA also organizes fun events for our children and families. These events provide opportunities for social interaction, and community engagement, and contribute to the holistic development of our children outside their classrooms.

Here’s what we are passionate about:

  • Thriving Children: We’re dedicated to supporting the educational success, health, and overall well-being of every single child at NIS Nacka.
  • Global Citizens with Local Roots: We celebrate the unique backgrounds and talents of all our students, fostering a culture of respect and inclusion – all while feeling deeply connected to our local community.
  • Stronger Together: Open communication between parents and staff is key to creating a supportive learning environment where everyone feels heard.

Ready to get involved?

We’d love to have you! Please email us at for more information.