Newly renovated facilitites

Each detail, carefully planned

During the fall of 2023, International School Nacka will open and students will be welcomed to completely renovated facilities. The school will be located at Edövägen 2 in Orminge center.

We are creating a new space for study and knowledge-development.

Nordic International School Nacka will open its doors at the start of the school year in August 2023.

“The new school facilities will reflect Nordics’s concept, orderliness, and dedication to studies. There is thought behind both the interior design and how the school is planned,” says Erik Ramberg, VP of New Ventures for Nordic International School.

The classrooms are located along the sides of the building and are equipped with textile carpets to reduce noise levels. In the middle of the school, there will be common areas where students can spend time together during breaks. There will also be designated study areas where students can do their homework undisturbed.

The school staff’s workspaces are strategically located throughout the school to ensure adult presence is a natural part of the school day. Additionally, the school entrances will be locked to increase security. When students arrive at school in the morning, they will be greeted by school personnel at the entrance.

The school will also offer two playgrounds with different focus areas. The playground outside the school’s entrance will focus on movement and joy.

The image collection above consists of sketches for the newly renovated Nordic International School Nacka and the remaining images are from existing Nordic schools in other locations.

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