Newly renovated facilitites

A thought behind every detail

Nordic International School Nacka opened in the fall of 2023. We are located in newly renovated facilities in Orminge Centre.

Orminge Centre is currently undergoing significant development and the construction makes the area around our school a little hectic. However, inside our school, there is a quite and calm atmosphere that is perfect for learning.

Nordic Nacka is a great place to focus and learn

Our facilities are tailored to reflect Nordics’s concept, order and dedication to studies. Nordic Nacka is located at the heart of our community, right where a school should be. The busy world of grown-up’s swirls right outside of our school. Adults on their way to the gym, the store or to visit the doctor. Inside, however, you’ll find a calm, structured, learning environment suitable for studying.

The entrance to the school

The entrance to our school is up two flights of stairs from the ground level. When you go through that door, it is as if you’ve stepped into the living room of our school. Here, you are immediately greeted by our motto, “Work hard, be kind.” that is mounted on the wall across from you. To the right, you will find one of our student lounges, equipped with chess and other board games, for the days our students don’t want to play outside. This is also where our Principal, Mr. Hård, and our School Administrator, Ms. Hamilton, have their offices as well as our C-2 room.

The school cafeteria

If, from the entryway, you go around the corner to the left, you will find yourself in our school’s cafeteria. Our school food is made from scratch in our company’s own school kitchen. The students are in agreement that the food is good and that there is a good atmosphere in the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is an open and airy space with many large windows and a lot of light. Our school library is located next to our cafeteria.

Our classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to minimize as many distractions as possible. Students are seated in pairs, facing a large whiteboard and the teacher’s podium. On the whiteboard you will always find the goal of the lesson, possible homework assignments and a “W/S Sign” that is used to manage the noise level in the classroom: “S” stands for “silence” and “w” is for “whisper.”

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