House system for school spirit and student leadership

Academic success is a key goal at Nordic International School, but personal development and school spirit is just as important.

How the House system works

Every student at Nordic International School is placed into one of our houses, of which they remain members for the duration of their time at the school. A house is composed of a mixed group of students from different year groups. The houses allow students to make friends with fellow students with whom they would normally not interact. The house system promotes school spirit and gives students an opportunity to shine in their different fields of interest.

House Masters and House Captains

Every house is allocated a House Master, a member of staff, who bears the overall pastoral care of the house. Their task is to encourage students, help them develop their leadership skills, and ensure good manners.

In the beginning of each school year, the members of a house elect a student in year 9 as their House Captain with a Co-Captain from year 8.

Each house has its own symbol and motto, and students are encouraged to form the house identity themselves.

A student forum

The houses have regular meetings where the House Captains get the opportunity to relay information from the Headmaster or the teachers to the other students. It is also an opportunity for house members to socialise.

The House Captains have the responsibility to organise house meetings, and to encourage and motivate the other members of the house. It is also their responsibility to keep order in the house and help younger students’ transition into school.

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