Meet our staff

Jonas Hård

Mr Jonas Hård


This is our principal Mr Jonas Hård. He is an experienced school leader and has previously been principal at Engelska Skolan. He comes from Vedevåg, a small village in Bergslagen and currently lives in Upplands Väsby. Mr Hård was strongly drawn to Nordic International School as he agrees that teaching should be supported by research to guarantee good quality. With his broad knowledge within the education sector, he hopes to contribute positively to the development of students and to the school. Mr Hård is a licensed teacher in mathematics and science and has completed the principal’s programme.

Languages: Swedish and English

Marie Kvist

Ms Marie Kvist


This is our teacher Ms Marie Kvist, a devoted bookworm who hopes to convey the benefits of books and reading to her students. She is originally from Skanör but lives in Stockholm where she went on to earn a degree from Stockholms universitet as a certified teacher in the core subjects as well as social studies and art. She also holds a degree in graphic design. She was drawn to Nordic International School’s international profile with clear rules ranging from the uniform to general behaviour, which she deems as beneficial for the students. Based on knowledge, high expectations and creativity, her goal is to make the students arrive to school every day feeling confident and proud. Ms Kvist will be teaching in Swedish, English, mathematics and SO.

Languages: Swedish, English and Danish 

Linda Schneider

Ms Linda Schneider

Special educator

This is our special educator, Ms Linda Schneider. Ms Schneider is originally from Mjölby and lives currently in Stockholm. Ms Schneider is a certified special educator, teacher and has held positions as principal within the field of adult education. Prior to joining us, she worked as principal at Komvux Folkuniversitet and thrives in social interactions. As a special educator, Ms Schneider’s goal is to contribute to a safe environment and effective collaboration at Nordic International School Nacka. Ms Schneider also aims to increase inspiration and creativity. Ms Schneider was drawn to Nordic’s international concept and solidarity, clear rules and school safety.

Languages: Swedish and English

Veronica Hamzehnejad

Ms Veronica Hamzehnejad


This is our teacher Ms Veronica Hamzehnejad. For many years, she has worked with children and young adults in different facets of childcare and after-school programmes for Stockholm City. In June, Ms Hamzehnejad completes her studies at Stockholms universitet and becomes a certified teacher. In her role at Nordic International School Nacka, she aims to contribute to a safe classroom and is looking forward to using her pedagogical ability and creativity along with her previous experience to create an enjoyable learning environment. Ms Hamzehnejad is our social sciences and PE teacher.

Languages: Swedish and English

Clare Hamilton

Ms Clare Hamilton


This is our school administrator, Ms Clare Hamilton. With her passion for leadership and culture, Ms Hamilton hopes to build a long-lasting house system which engages students in school spirit. Ms Hamilton comes from Virginia, USA. She studied a Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Political Science and Linguistics at University of Pittsburgh, where she also engaged in the school’s co-ed community service fraternity. Ms Hamilton spent time in South Korea as an English teacher before to moving to Sweden in 2019 to work and to study her master’s degree at Högskolan Dalarna. Prior to joining us, she held the role as school administrator at Internationella Engelska Skolan in Solna.

Languages: Swedish and English

Ms Haily Timmons

Teacher & Study and career counsellor

This is our teacher and study and career counsellor Ms Haily Timmons. Ms Timmons is originally from Canada and lives today in Stockholm. In her new role at Nordic International School Nacka, she looks forward to building relationships with students and to foster a positive school culture. Additionally, she is eager to working with students and to support their preparation for life through their education. Most recently, Ms Timmons comes from a teacher role at Internationella Engelska Skolan. Ms Timmons has a Bachelor in Education and a Bachelor in Business Administration. At Nordic International School Nacka, Ms Timmons will be teaching in music and art.

Elizabeth Sharp

Ms Elizabeth Sharp

School counsellor

This is our school counsellor Ms Elizabeth Sharp. Ms Sharp comes from Missouri, USA and obtained a Bachelor of Social Work at Columbia College. She has years of management experience, volunteer experiences within the field of social work and, prior to joining us, was the school counsellor at Internationella Engelska Skolan Sundbyberg. She is a passionate social worker who loves to work with people, with a focus on working with students and in the school. Ms Sharp looks forward to cooperating as a team and in a preventative way that helps students to feel well so they perform well in school. Ms Elizabeth Sharp hopes to contribute to a calm environment and to structure to Nordic International School Nacka.

Languages: Swedish and English

Mr Geoffrey Grey


This is our English teacher Mr Geoffrey Grey. Mr Gray was born and raised in Sydney Australia and lives today in Stockholm. He enjoys working in an international work and teaching environment and brings experience from working as an English teacher in Australia, Schweiz, England and Sweden. Mr Grey gained his bachelor’s degree in education from Kuring-gai CAE, University of Technology, Sydney. After moving to Sweden, he went on to study a master’s degree in Adult Learning and Global Change at Linköpings universitet. Mr Geoffrey Grey looks forward to being a part of the team that will start Nordic International School Nacka and to have the possibility to establish a fantastic learning environment. In his new role, Mr Grey hopes to contribute to calmness, stability and lots of positive energy.

Languages: Swedish and English

Ms Klaudia Högstadius


This is our teacher, Ms Klaudia Högstadius. Ms Högstadius lives in Stockholm where she studied at Stockholm universitet and earned her education degree in Swedish/Swedish as a Second Language in School of Diversity, and teacher certification in Swedish, mathematics and social studies. She previously held a role at Höglundaskolan in Haninge and is passionate to help make a difference for her students. In her new role, she hopes to contribute to every student’s sense of being noticed and feeling safe. Ms Högstadius also believes that high expectations and working towards the same goal help make the students feel proud and happy over their accomplishments. Ms Klaudia Högstadius is our new Swedish teacher.

Languages: Swedish, English, Polish